I’m something, but I’m not sure what.



August 21

Solar Eclipse

August 16th

Thinking about space and body in the imagemaking. Thinking about Walker Evans’ vernacular. (language).

August 10th

I found most of my films are taken in Paris... I think that means true love. LOL.

August 5th

Sorting out films taken when traveling. Paris.

August 3rd 2017

I’m writing a yaoi novel in Chinese. It’s boys’ love. It’s about an orphan. I weaved buddism, hinduism, Chinese legends and folklores together in order to explore a coming of age idea. Just like some of my other long fiction writing attempts before, I got bored again. I thought about why I wanted to write this novel..... I washed dishes. And I stood there staring at the dirty latex gloves and foaming water swirling down the sink. A feeling dawned on me. Yes, I want to using yaoi, a pained labor of purest feelings, as a device to explore a philosophy. No, more accurately, a philosophical idea. A political one, hidden. An funny exploration on freedom and power. That gets me temporarily excited again.  I hope this lasts.

August 2nd

July 20 2017
Last night, dreamed
a gypsy caravan, said
I can go to far places, and
also, be taken

July 19th 2017
Sometimes, you encounter summer in a different way. Xiaodan came and visited me from Tokyo this year. We roamed in the shape of Toronto’s first capital letter: Yonge and Water front, vertical straight to the horizontal.

Landing. July 13th 2017
It was a dream of landing. She leapt out of the water. Faltering and standing at a freezing space.

Self. July 3rd 2017
3:55 pm. a layered image.
yesterday I dreamed a cow entered a hotel
i'm at hotel lobby, building an ikea bed

Hainan Island, China, June 2017
I have never seen so many scooters, they were tides on the street, coming up at rush hours, sliding away once the night fell. The mail box at my parent's apartment was flipping open with brown envelops revealed. No one cared to retreat them.

Hainan Island, China, June 2017
I grasped the image with quick intention, thus, the resulting blue was like a surprise. Something rough could be turned into something blue. I thought about the relief painting made in my primary school: those black and white contrast and coconut trees in its roughest and wildest imagination.

July 2017