Yuling comes from an island, the only island that is a province in China. I make gifs, and long silence after the digital screening in a typhooned room. She loves the ungovernable moments, for example, when your mind becomes mindless and your body moves without your dictating, and that’s my thing. A mush. She is dissolving. Into the others.


Born, Hainan Island, China

2014 - 2019 BFA, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada

2010 - 2012 BSC, University of Prince Edward Island, Prince Edward Island, Canada


2017 Inaugural Global Experience Project, with Isaac Julien,Toronto, Canada / London, United Kingdom

2012 The Philosopher, Director, ACT Community Theatre Awards, Prince Edward Island, Canada


2018 .....43.654°N 79.385°W
XPACE External Space, Toronto, Ontario

2018 .....Slackline Performing Series
Burdock Music Hall, Toronto, Ontario


2018 Wandering the Grounds, “Re-Orient”
Curated by Leaf Jerlefia
Ada Sleight Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

2017 Gender&The Lens, “Adios, Catalonia!”
An Exhibition of Artworks by Emerging Artists Connected to Ryerson & OCAD U Alongside Work by Wildfires: Women's Photographers Network in Scotland
Ada Sleight Gallery, Toronto, Ontario


2017 This Art Works!, The Fundoshi Project
Produced by Madeleine Co. & CBC Art
Supported by OCADU Impact Collective
Toronto, Ontario

2017.03.31 Daniel Garber talks to OCADU artist-in-residence Isaac Julien with Yuling Chen University of Toronto Radio Station, CIUT 89.5FM Toronto, Ontario